Assessment Services

Software delivery has been and will remain fundamentally hard.
34% of software projects successful.
42% of users satisfied with quality.
37% satisfied with speed of delivery.
49% of software projects overran budget.
62% of software projects failed to meet schedule.
50% of outsourced projects expected to underperform.

Software architecture is the foundation of successful software-intensive systems. Many architecture decisions are difficult to change after much code has been written. Software architecture assessment understands and checks the system for its reliability and performance ability as a correct architecture is the key to success for a project. Our architects at Xanadu can collaborate with your development team to identify risks and design alternatives. Architecture assessment/reviews are highly cost-effective according to published reports. This is a very important component in today's software development scenario, as the success-rate of any projects is at stake without this. You will benefit from Xanadu’s ability to assess your environment from deep expertise in technical requirements encompassing your business processes, applications and underlying infrastructure.

An assessment procedure will ensure code is
compliant with regulatory standards
performance oriented

An assessment procedure may include
User Experience
Business Gains
Requirement Coverage and Traceability
Defects Discovery and Closure
Tests Execution and Completion
Systems and Processes

An assessment procedure will also define
A list of associated risks of the project : Many project fail because risks are not flushed out or addressed early enough in the project cycle. We not only mitigate those risks, but also apply applicable analysis and early prototyping in attempt to resolve those issues from the beginning.
A list of quality features to look out for : Quality is a very important criterion in every software development process and project . The software architecture is a process that helps maintain the quality to a certain level. However, it is the software architecture assessment that sets standards for the quality requirements. The quality requirements include performance and reliability of the solution. Maintenance and operational ease are other benchmarks for quality requirements.

Our Test Consulting and Specialized Testing unit help companies implement unit testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing and acceptance testing to test data quality, web services quality and code quality.
The procedure includes.
Test Plan Creation
Requirements Inclusion
Exit Criteria
Platforms Identification
Test Cases Creation
Test Cases Scheduling
Test Cases Estimation
Risk Assessment (No Impact, Low Impact, High Impact)
Execute Tests
Report Results

Clients can see differentiated business value which in turn help them move up the value chain through processes and increasing their visibility and productivity which in turn help increase customer satisfaction and finally generate revenue.

What we do

Assessment is an essential part of every project irrespective of its size. The success of a project largely depends on the architecture evaluation. We help customers to assess different technology initiatives, choose the appropriate technology strategy and formulate a potential IT roadmap incorporating architectural, operational and implementation models meeting current and future business objective.