Welcome to Xanadu

Xanadu is a new generation software company specializing in Enterprise Architecture and Design, requirements gathering, quality and security assessment and Software Product Lines with an emphasis on Microsoft .NET technologies.

Requirements Gathering

The outcome of the business and technical requirements gathering is a list of processes and requirements encompassing your business processes, applications and underlying infrastructure that are turned into a specification document which is used as the benchmark for future technology implementations and/or optimizations.

Technology Consulting

Building on our deep technology expertise and breadth of hands-on experience, The Architecture Consulting Service at Xanadu is focused on realizing its customer's business vision to help clients define new software architectures (or evaluate existing ones) and develop secure and reliable software that will meet or exceed their business goals and needs. We will not only guide your in-house team, but will also let them step back for a fresh view themselves.

Quality & Security Assessment

We also perform code audits / analysis / recommendations / configurations to verify existing solutions meet industry standards for security(incl. threat modeling), reliability, maintenance, performance and operational ease.

Architecture design, platform, technology -

consulting, mentoring and assessment:

At Xanadu, we work hard to integrate needs and expectations early in the process to help your team develop the best product for the highest number of end users. The theory behind our architecture consulting is to anticipate enhancements, maintenance, scalability, and performance before anything moves forward. Our software solutions often encompass system integration and web enablement to allow your team the most efficient use of existing and broad, low-cost resources. Your team will gain valuable outside perspectives on building for now and for the future--particularly the future that you may not have thought about yet.


Enhance Productivity

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Project Operations Management
  • Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Web Portals
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • E- Commerce

Advantage Xanadu

Why Xanadu

  • Skilled Experienced Professionals
  • NDU (Non-disclosure Undertakings)
  • Communication: We can work with the business team to understand exactly what needs to be done. And then we can work with the technical team to make sure that everything gets done the right way.
  • Technologies: We have built solutions with Microsoft's powerful, new framework as well as its competing technologies such as J2EE, php, etc.